Game show host and passionate Tea Partyer Chuck Woolery can read the writing on the wall. The U.S.’s current energy policy is crippling the economy, and we’re in desperate need of real solutions. Woolery took to Twitter today to call on Mitt Romney to address Americans’ growing concerns over our country’s economic direction and prove that he’s the right man to help us reverse course:

Indeed. Due to the Obama Administration’s obsessive aversion to fossil fuels and the EPA’s overregulation of energy industries, domestic energy producers, like the coal industry, are failing.

A follower pointed out that Romney describes his proposed energy policy on his website:

But to Woolery, that’s not nearly enough:

Woolery believes that Romney needs to get up onto his soapbox and use his voice, rather than his website, to sell the American people on his ideas:

We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves. Governor Romney, Chuck Woolery is offering you free, sound advice. Are you listening?