The economy may be tanking, but the dog whistle industry is booming. Last Wednesday, Mitt Romney appeared on Univision to discuss policy proposals and issues important to Hispanic voters. Lefty viewers couldn’t help but focus not on Romney’s words, but rather on his tanned visage. Many were convinced that the GOP candidate had deliberately “browned” himself in a desperate appeal to Latinos. The crackerjack investigative teams at Gawker and the Democratic Underground, decked out in their trusty racism goggles, were all too happy to perpetuate the story.

Today, Univision itself decided to jump aboard the Romney-is-a-racist train with an “article” comparing Mitt Romney to an Oompa-Loompa. Of course, lefty Twitterers completely agree with that assessment and have been pushing the meme for days:

Actually, the fact that Univision’s article links to this piece of garbage in the Miami New Times strikes us as just a tad more racist than a tan. Where’s the lefty outrage over the Photoshops of Mitt Romney in a sombrero and in blackface?

Fortunately, at least one person possessed the intellectual capacity to separate Romney’s skin color from his purpose at the Univision event:

Too bad that Univision, who laughably asserts that “as always, we’ve got you covered on the real story,” lacked the cojones to cover the real story. Apparently, exchanging one’s last shred of journalistic credibility for a few cheap laughs has become a worthwhile trade. We hope that the giddy, self-congratulatory Univision is just as thrilled with its status as a nail in “real journalism’s” coffin.