When you’re weary, feeling small, and tears are in your eyes … avoid your Twitter replies. That’s Chuck Todd’s advice to his fellow media lapdogs, anyway. He’s having a rough time dealing with criticism of the MSM’s nestling itself cozily in the Obama Administration’s pockets, and he suggested to The Washington Post’s Chris Cilizza that, in order to maintain high self-esteem, pretending you’re not a hack is the way to go.

Conservatives were all too happy to take Pouty McPouterson to the woodshed:





Ouch. Maestro? That’s your cue.

Hmmm … wonder what kinds of tweets Todd could possibly be avoiding today?


Several Twitterers took the opportunity to ask Todd if he’d give any airtime to Obama’s admission of failure:

Man. With those kinds of demands for media accountability, it’s no wonder Todd wants to hide out in the doghouse!