This evening, Whoopi Goldberg sat down for a heart-to-heart with Mitt Romney. Romney wasn’t actually present for the conversation, but that was of little importance. Goldberg clearly had enough passion for the two of them — she just couldn’t let Twitter’s 140-character tweet limit get in her way! — and she expressed her disappointment to the GOP presidential candidate. In her eyes, Romney just hasn’t measured up. Let’s take a look at the many ways in which Romney has let her down:

In other words, Mitt Romney has built his campaign platform on conservative principles. Romney has taken plenty of heat from conservatives for his implementation of Romneycare in Massachusetts. He’s taken steps to distance himself from that chapter of his governmental career and has made overturning the invasive healthcare law a key part of his presidential agenda. That puts him in line with American conservatives, who value accountability and are depending on him to stick to conservative guns. Sorry, Whoopi. She also seems to take issue with Romney’s pro-life stance. To her, it’s terribly anti-women. And if there’s one thing Goldberg understands, it’s the needs of women.

Thank you for your input, Whoopi. Don’t forget to share your concerns when Romney appears on “The View” next month. We’re sure he’ll take it all under advisement. *Snicker*

G’night, Whoopi.