Yes. Yes it did. If by “real,” you mean “fake.”

Not quite. Onion-wannabe website The Daily Currant, wanting to capitalize on the furor over the “secret” Romney tape, published a satirical article yesterday about a yet-to-be-released missing segment in which Romney referred to Latinos as “taco jockeys”:

Romney responded by saying that it was futile to even try to get Hispanics to vote Republican because their “primitive culture” was antithetical to Republican values.

“Hispanics will never vote for me because they can’t possibly understand my ideas. They are descended from a primative culture. They were sacrificing 9 year olds to the gods before Cortés came.”

“And these people. The ones that come to the U.S.. …these people are losers. They couldn’t cut it in their own countries, and now they want to freeload in ours. When I’m president I’ll send Mexico a message – take ’em back. We don’t want these taco jockeys anymore.”

Mother Jones, which takes credit for releasing the tapes to the public, was forced to acknowledge a gap in the “full” tape, but we’re quite confident that the gap in question had nothing to do with denigrating Latinos.

What’s really offensive is that there are people out there who genuinely believe that Mitt Romney harbors a secret hatred of Hispanics. The idea is ludicrous, plain and simple. Nevertheless, swarms of lefties accepted the article at face value, and they practically fell all over themselves jockeying for the top position on the outrage heap:

A handful of folks managed to keep their wits about them, and they pointed out that the story was, in fact, a heaping helping of B.S.:

One Progressive news outlet even acknowledged its mistake in initially running with the fake article:

Even after learning that the story wasn’t true, though, some people just couldn’t resist pointing out that Romney is, like, totally still a racist and stuff:

Muy patético.



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