Oof. It’s not a political scandal until The Little Idiot has weighed in. Thankfully, Moby took to Twitter to let all of us know just how offensive Mitt Romney is for daring to draw attention to reality.

Moby, like other outraged lefties, apparently saw a different video than the rest of us did. While we heard Romney point out that the 47 percent of Americans who pay no federal income tax have an incentive to vote for entitlement fan Barack Obama, Moby’s delicate ears caught the subliminal messages denigrating Americans. He’s so perceptive!

Actually, what’s far more “baffling” and “terrifying” is that there are people out there who take Moby’s wannabe political punditry as seriously as Moby does. Case in point:

When will he stop what, exactly? Telling the truth? As deeply as Moby would like to bury his head in the sand, the fact remains that the Palestinians as a whole do seek destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. And if it’s “endlessly wrong” to point out facts as opposed to hiding behind rose-colored glasses and appeasing our enemies, then, come November, we’ll gladly take it.



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