As Twitchy reported earlier, alleged comedian Joe Mande decided to commemorate 9/11 by cruelly mocking corporate Twitter accounts sending out memorial messages like this one:

It seems that Mande’s callousness inspired a few other Twitter jackasses, and they set their sights on Applebee’s with fake retweets of the restaurant chain’s Twitter account.

Others, including comedian Jake Fogelnest, quickly followed suit:

Several people fell for the prank:

And Applebee’s was forced to clarify that the retweets weren’t genuine:

Applebee’s also addressed the perpetrators of the prank without realizing it:

“Brendan” thought it was hilarious:

And he doubled down:

Brendan also extended his idiocy beyond Applebee’s:

What did Applebee’s do to warrant such viciousness? Nothing but express gratitude to 9/11’s heroes and mourn those who lost their lives.

We agree. The disgusting people who saw fit to taunt companies like Applebee’s should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly, to hope that they possess the necessary intellectual capacity for such introspection is to hope for too much.

(Hat tip: @iwasawildone)



Stop the presses! Super-celebrity comedian Jake Fogelnest has put us in our place:

He even taught Michelle Malkin a lesson:

Welp, guess we just got pwned.