Details are still a little fuzzy, Fox 31 News is reporting that this morning, this morning, two armed men entered a Denver Radio Shack and took another man hostage.

The hostage has been identified as Chris Nimerfroh, a single father and manager of the store. One of the suspected gunmen has been posting messages and photos to his Facebook account from inside the store.

According to Fox 31, that suspect is 19 years old, has a daughter, and had a friend who was recently shot and killed by police in Aurora, a Denver suburb.

Fox 31 has also posted some of what has been transmitted over the police scanners:

  • “All cars, on a robbery that just occurred at Glencoe and Colfax at Radio Shack. Two parties entered about a minute ago with red bandanas covering their faces.”
  • “Hold the air, we had one run back in. Keep your perimeter.”
  • “Glencoe & Colfax. Shots fired.”
  • “Somebody just closed the back door. They’re inside. We have a barricaded suspect.”
  • “We’ve got two black males inside the store with masks on with shots fired from inside.”
  • “One black male has on a striped black and white shirt on with long sleeves and it looks like black pants”
  • “Rifle in the front. Watch your crossfire”
  • “Woman says the clerk never did come out”
  • “There’s a long gun on the east, on the south and on the west side of the building”

No injuries have been reported so far. Twitchy will continue to monitor this story and bring you updates as it develops.


The Denver Post is reporting that nearby businesses have been evacuated.


Updates (via Fox 31):

Hostage Chris Nimerfroh’s mother reportedly has cancer and received a blood transfusion only yesterday.

Additionally, a Fox 31 has spoken with Ernest Watson, a friend of one of the suspects:

Watson said there are actually two suspects inside the building. The other male is 20 years old. He said the two were attempting to rob the Payday Loans stores next door and not the Radio Shack.

When police arrived, Watson said the two suspects fired at officers, grabbed a hostage and retreated inside the Radio Shack.

Watson spoke with Hayden right after he finished assisting police. He said the two suspects have no demands. He said he also thinks they have no plans to give up. “They know they’re either going to jail forever or that the police are going to shoot them,” Watson said.

Police have also cut off cellphone and Facebook access for the suspect who had been posting photos and messages earlier.



Radio Shack’s corporate offices have issued a statement:

“We are continuing to monitor the situation just like everyone else, we are watching it live. We pray for the safety of everyone involved.”

Nimerfroh is apparently a member of Victory Church in Denver. Victory sent out this tweet:


Denver-area residents and others took to Twitter to express their fear and concern:

Since the senseless movie theater shooting in Aurora this past July, followed by the violence at the Wisconsin Sikh temple and the Family Research Council, citizens in Colorado and beyond have been particularly sensitive to the specter of shootings:

A few people couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase their thoughtlessness and stupidity:

But many Twitterers are offering up prayers:


A live stream of the coverage is available here.

Our thoughts are with Mr. Nimerfroh and his loved ones.



We’re relieved that police could resolve the situation peacefully and we’re grateful for their swift and professional response. We’ll continue to support the police investigation as it is expected to be ongoing. We’re offering our prayers to all of the families involved.

Nimerfroh and both suspects are in police custody. Thankfully, no one was hurt.