It was only a month ago when Ms. Jameson announced that she was throwing her support behind Mitt Romney. In the past couple of weeks, she’s been fairly quiet when it comes to political matters, but tonight, she came out swinging again for the Romney-Ryan ticket. She’s certainly no Julia, and she wants everyone out there to know where her loyalties lie:


Conservatives expressed their gratitude to her for having the guts to think for herself:

There were haters, natch:

Back in lockstep, Juli— er, Jenna!

His viewership will be missed, no doubt.

But Jameson wasn’t having any of it:

Hee! We  do love a good “your mom” joke.

Heh. He’d better hurry up. Gaga will be jetting off to another planet in November. We’ve got a feeling that Jenna won’t miss her.