Hide yo eggs, hide yo wombs, because they’re jailin’ all the infertile couples out there.

That’s life in the world according to Cher, anyway. Our favorite moonstruck matron is once again pounding away at the GOP with her verbal hammer. Several times, she’s come out swinging against Republicans for supposedly wanting to ban contraception. We all know how conservatives despise women, after all.

Today, Cher took her ravings a step further (who knew it was possible?) and boldly asserted that not only do Republicans want to force women to have babies, but they want to prevent women from having babies! How will they accomplish such a monumental task? Easy-peasy: by making contraception illegal for fertile women and criminalizing conception for women struggling to get pregnant. It allllllllllllll makes sense now.

Interesting. We could’ve sworn it was Democrats who had a thing against God and religion. We must’ve just been seeing things. Good thing we’ve got someone like Cher to show us the light.

Quick! Quick! Hide the kiddies before that sneaky Paul Ryan shows up at the door and makes you shove them back into your uterus!

We at Twitchy are always grateful to Cher for her public service announcements. But perhaps today is the day when we appreciate her most of all. She did make a pretty strong case, right? Cher, honey, give it to us just once more. With feeling.

We know you took great risk and exhibited tremendous courage in publicly revealing the GOP’s nefarious agenda. You really took one for the team today. Twitchy thanks you. The Sisterhood thanks you. America thanks you.