The feisty actress will be appearing this fall on “Dancing with the Stars: All Stars,” and, well, it turns out she might have a few things in common with co-star Bristol Palin. Alley, a self-described Democrat, took to Twitter today to — gasp! — call out the lapdog media and to encourage people to take responsibility for “muddling through the B.S.” to “find the truth”:

Alley did take some heat for her independent thinking:

Fact checkers? Like Stephanie Cutter, perhaps?

Ah, yes. Death threats. We’d expect nothing less from the misogynistic Left.

Overwhelmingly, though, the responses were supportive:

So, what’s Alley looking for in a political party?

Hmmm … more jobs, less welfare, and less government?

Jon Lovitz has been learning to embrace his inner conservative. Can Alley be far behind?

Well, nobody’s perfect. Hehe.

Come to our side, Kirstie! We’re a pretty fun bunch!

(h/t @MattWolking)