Has it ever been less relevant? The ridiculous trope that Republican men look at women as little more than uteri with cooking skills grows more and more tiresome every single day, thanks to self-righteous Julias like Sophia Bush.

And if you thought Bush’s “Republicans are pro-rape!” tweets yesterday were the extent of her “women’s rights” rant, think again. Bush picked right up again and unleashed a barrage of ridiculousness.

Actually, what’s scary is that women like Sophia honestly believe that Republicans view women in that way. Call us crazy, but what we’ve found is that it’s the Left that consistently reduces women to no more than the sum of their girly parts. And is there anything more demeaning than Julia, the Obama Administration’s sightless, voiceless, creeptastic composite woman who’s helpless without Big Daddy Government?

Did one of the women cook that dinner? Which white Republican male forced her to do it? We want names!

And just in case you missed it the first time:

The stupid. It burns. Even more the second time.

Is that so? Last time we checked, Barack Obama is a politician — a male politician, at that — and he’s perfectly at ease making health care decisions that affect women.

But, lest it appear that Bush is merely a fawning liberal shill, she took a few moments to set the record straight:

Honey, trust us: You can take your uterus. Take all of it. And, well, as for your “vag,” don’t worry. We’re really not interested.

Who is pro-abortion? We can think of a few people.

Keep the “dudes” (and dudettes) in DC out of personal medical decisions? On that we can agree. It’s just too bad Bush doesn’t realize that if Dr. Barack gets his way, she can kiss control over her medical destiny goodbye.

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