Occupy scum have been foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the Republican National Convention. Their antics were initially just laughable, but they’re escalating in malice. It was only yesterday that an Occupier was arrested with a machete strapped to his leg. Occupiers’ “peaceful” intentions are anything but peaceful, and it’s fair to assume that the protesters won’t be satisfied until they’ve disrupted the convention by any means necessary.

Former radical leftist Brandon Darby, who helped the FBI take down would-be bombers at the 2008 GOP Convention, is all-too-familiar with leftist terrorist tactics. A few days ago, he revealed Occupiers’ plans to interfere with emergency medical services at the convention.

Today, Darby is one of thousands in attendance at the GOP convention, and he warns that Occupiers are currently working on forcing their way into the convention facilities, law enforcement be damned:

Sadly, the protesters’ disregard for the law and for others’ safety is no surprise. Police have their work cut out for them. We urge convention attendees to take care and hope they stay safe.

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