A few weeks after Fareed Zakaria was suspended (and quickly unsuspended) by Time and CNN for suspected plagiarism, it appears that  another “real journalist” may have been caught red-handed. Joan Vennochi is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist at The Boston Globe.


According to Free Republic, Vennochi has been suspended for two weeks:

On Aug. 15, GOP political columnist Todd Domke wrote on a WBUR blog that Vice President Joe Biden should apologize for his “chains” remarks. Two days later, in an unsigned editorial, Vennochi wrote, well, basically the same thing.

The bow-tied bumkissers have refused to release the name of their latest scofflaw in the tradition of Mike Barnicle, Patricia X. Smith, Jayson Blair and a host of other Globe pipe artists and journalistic grifters.

But multiple sources have confirmed that the latest member of the Globe Hall of Shame is Vennochi … [Vennochi] did not return several phone calls and an email over the weekend seeking comment on her suspension.

As of yet, the report is unconfirmed and we are unaware of sources other than Free Republic reporting the suspension. We will continue to monitor this story and bring you updates.

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