If it’s a day ending in “y,” it’s guaranteed that media lapdogs are champing at the bit to expose Mitt Romney as a nefarious, more clean-cut Snidely Whiplash. Lee Fang, shameless lapdog at The Nation, ran across an alleged undercover video of Romney giddily praising a “sweatshop” in China. Fang got so excited, he nearly piddled on his rug!

Uh, did Fang watch the same video we just did? Because to us, it sounded like Romney (if the voice in the video is in fact his) was merely telling a story about a trip to a Chinese factory. He made no indication of condoning the factory conditions or of being satisfied with the factory official’s story. In fact, while he’s telling the story, he still sounds disturbed about the workers’ conditions and low pay.

It can’t be as simple as that. Not to the Left, anyway. Mitt Romney just has to be an evil capitalist slavedriver, right? Right???



At least a few Twitterers suspect that the video is of dubious origin:

The video itself may or may not be authentic. But something definitely seems fishy. The video Fang linked to is currently the only video on the Rachel Maddow YouTube channel, and according to YouTube, the channel page was only created today. Even Fang can’t help but puzzle a bit over the way the video was released:

Fang isn’t alone. Media Matters’ Simon Malloy doesn’t think things quite add up, either:

Right now, though, the strange circumstances surrounding the video aren’t the most disturbing aspect of all this; they’re just the latest symptom of a serious disease. The Left is constantly searching for ways to nail Mitt Romney’s character — and the characters of other conservatives. While Fang may now be second-guessing his initial zealotry, the media are still guilty of propagating sensationalism without regard for all the facts. That’s not only lazy, it’s dangerous.


Rachel Maddow has confirmed that she did not post the video:

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