In a rare personal tweet, new media pioneer Matt Drudge warns that some of the biggest names in the social media world are now no longer just tilting left, but ready to throw down the gauntlet and come out swinging for President Obama:

Others have noticed the trend as well:

Some accused Drudge of overreacting or fear-mongering:

However, as Twitchy has exhaustively documented, there have been numerous instances of conservative voices being silenced by social media giants. Consider those relegated to the #TwitterGulag.

Facebook also has a history of censoring conservatives while allowing liberals to post indiscriminately.

Twitchy CEO and outspoken conservative Michelle Malkin has had several of her videos pulled from YouTube, and she’s not the only victim.

As Ben Shapiro noted last year, those companies have been steadfast supporters of President Obama and liberal causes. With the presidential election now less than eleven weeks away, it will be very interesting to chart their leftward trajectory. Their boldness seems to grow daily; it’s not farfetched to wonder if their role in politics will escalate to the level Drudge predicts.

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