The U.S. senator from Texas is the latest GOPer to condemn Todd Akin’s stunningly ignorant comments on rape.

Naturally, there were plenty of liberals who were unable to process the fact that Akin is facing increasing pressure from Republicans to withdraw from the Missouri senate race. After all, the Republican party is but a hive for misogynists, right?

Ah yes, of course. Because as Democrat math empirically demonstrates, Todd Akin is Paul Ryan, and Paul Ryan is Todd Akin.

But back to Hutchison’s role as a gender-traitor:

Let’s see: he points out Hutchison and the GOP’s supposed hatefulness and divisiveness by calling Hutchison a “hag.” Are we the only ones who see the irony here?

Enough. When will the Left quit the incessant bashing of conservative women — and conservatives as a group — under the guise of defending women against male oppression? Liberals are constantly lumping all women together, encouraging them to engage in groupthink and castigating those who dare stray from the set path. That is intellectual oppression, and it is the Left that bears the heavy burden of guilt.



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