Well, that didn’t take long. Just as we saw in the wake of the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the Left is seizing today’s shooting near Texas A&M to push for stricter gun control laws:


Shameless and disgusting.

Citizens in favor of the right to bear arms countered the liberal anti-gun feeding frenzy:




When will liberals learn that it’s possible to confront a horrific event and mourn the loss of life without politicizing? In responding to this shooting and so many others in this way, the Left disgraces itself and belittles the victims and their loved ones. There is a time for gun policy discussion; this isn’t it. To the Left, the Texas A&M shooting is but a means to an end: revoking our Constitutional right to defend ourselves. Exploiting tragedies does nothing to help liberals’ cause; it only exposes their desperation and refusal to view people as more than political tools. Gun control is indeed just about control, the defense of life be damned.


Ed. note: Though we stated in this post and here that the shooting did not, in fact, take place on the Texas A&M campus, our original headline referring to today’s event as the “Texas A&M shooting” may have been misleading to our readers. We apologize for any confusion and have updated the headline accordingly.