The Canadian national women’s water polo team failed to qualify for this year’s Olympics, but rather than succumbing to the temptation to dwell on not making it to London, one team member took a very creative approach to channeling her frustration. In addition to being a star athlete, Rosanna Tomiuk is also an accomplished musician. Unable to support Team Canada in London as a fellow competitor, she penned a song to cheer on and pay tribute to Canadian Olympians.

Tomiuk spotlighted several athletes in “Made It,” and she let them all know via Twitter:

The athletes were touched by the gesture:

Tomiuk may not have made it to the Olympics, but she’s certainly proved her worth as a genuine team player. She embodies the Olympic spirit of national camaraderie, and her classy, gracious approach to a personal setback should inspire others to turn difficult situations into inspirational ones. Kudos to her.