Bill Maher just keeps finding new ways to out-pig himself. Only two days ago, he inexplicably lashed out at the Tea Party, branding members as incestuous xenophobes. Today, he’s exploiting the horrific Aurora shooting in order to bash the idea of American exceptionalism and demonize those who believe in it.

His slobbering yes-people chirped their approval:

The vast majority of Twitterers, though, were disgusted by Maher’s tweet, and they took him straight to the woodshed:

Several liberals also refused to follow Maher in lockstep, and they rightly called him out on his callousness:

Bill Maher is slime, and with any luck, more and more on the Left will begin to see through him. He should be ashamed of himself, though that’s wishful thinking on our part — Maher is evidently incapable of feeling shame. We’ll make it our mission to change that.