On his blog, Aaron Walker writes:

Apparently getting month-long peace order without meeting the statutory requirements didn’t persuade Kimberlin to quit while he was ahead.  Kimberlin has appealed that decision.

Just to be clear, Kimberlin is appealing from the order he obtained against John Norton, because I guess he doesn’t think it goes for long enough.  You know, for a guy who claims it is harassment to cross examine him, especially if you merely ask him about whether he had any involvement in my SWATting, he sure likes to go to court and subject himself to that “harassment” a lot.

Some background: Brett Kimberlin accused John Norton of trespassing and taking pictures; Norton said he was driving down the street and Kimberlin came after him.


Unfortunately, some people still don’t get understand why this matters:




Aaron Walker has corrected his initial post. You can read the corrections here.



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