Just when you think the Left has reached rock-bottom, it manages to dig itself even deeper into its own muck. Leftists’ twisted obsession with the late Andrew Breitbart has fueled some of the most disgusting internet trolls — trolls like this:


His Twitter bio is only the beginning:

I’m toast. I’m in Hell. Dead. Burned. Moldy. But my eternal punishment is that I must tell you the truth. See you soon, Breitbots! Lotsa room for you here!

The festering human pustule that is @liberalgrouch has upped the fecal factor with a sick parody site called Big Damnation:

But, I suppose, since my eternal punishment for being an inveterate liar on Earth is that I am forced to tell the truth to you Right Wing Idiots who bought into mycircus sideshow act.  God, how I used to sit and laugh at you.  Of course, I can’t use my new high-speed cable access for anything but this blog.  And Twitter.  And Facebook.  And for answering e-mails.  No cruising the porn sites.  Also, I’m able to keep tabs on everything the fools who orbited in my considerable gravitational field write.  Idiots like R. Stacy McCain and Aaron Walsh (sic) and the detestable Ali Akbar and Patrick Frey and Mandy Nagy and all the other little dingleberries who used to cling to my ass crack.

It has been disheartening to see how you’ve all behaved in my absence.  The outright clownery that you are publishing in my name.  Every time “the big guy” logs in to read your nonsense, I can hear him howling with delight.  And the way you claim to be CHRISTIANS?

Boy, are you in for a surprise when you get here.  Some of you sooner than others.