Oh boy. Bucket List Barack is at it again, singing his own praises louder than anyone else.

So, small business is the engine that drives our economy. Apparently, Barack Obama is now the face of small business. Too bad small businesses didn’t get the memo.

The latest report from the National Federation of Independent Business shows a drop in optimism to the lowest level in eight months among small-business owners, and the inclination to hire falling even further.

Given that even Obama acknowledges that the engine of job creation is small business, one might think that a President who needs to start seeing better jobs reports ASAP would try to reduce the fiscal and regulatory burdens that these entrepreneurs face rather than escalate them.  Unfortunately, Obama seems more inclined to play class-warfare games than to get job creation back on track — and these small business owners know it.

Twitterers were not about to let the Egomaniac in chief get away with such shamelessness:



Now that Obama has proudly proclaimed that he’s the one behind the wheel of our economy, does this mean he’ll finally claim responsibility for all of the damage he’s done? Fat chance.