File under: “Things not to do when you’re running for office.”

Deb Morrow, South Carolina Occupy organizer and Democratic congressional candidate running against Rep. Trey Gowdy, has shut down her official campaign Twitter account after some unsavory tweets about Gowdy were sent out by someone. That someone was someone else. That’s Morrow’s story, anyway.

For her part, Morrow told Free Times she did not post the tweet in question and wasn’t aware that it had appeared briefly on a page linked to her campaign website.

She said she has since shut down her Twitter account.

Morrow said there were probably four or five people with access to the account, including former campaign volunteers.

“There was somebody that was briefly with the team and is not with the team anymore,” she said, but declined to offer a name. That person, she said, left the campaign roughly an hour before the tweet was posted.

Morrow said she is unfamiliar with Twitter and didn’t want to handle an account herself. That’s why she had others set up the account, she said, but was still uncomfortable with the social media tool.

It was social media consultant and Gowdy supporter Sean Bertran who discovered the tweets in question.

Oh dear.

The @Morrow4Congress account was deleted shortly thereafter, though Morrow has retained her personal account, despite her self-professed Twitter ineptitude.

From Morrow’s personal Twitter bio:

No more politicians playing games. Time for regular people, the 99%, to step up, bring back decency and common sense.

Yeesh. She’s got her work cut out for her.