The former U.S. Secretary of Labor and Berkeley’s current Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy is fed up with money playing a role in politics, gosh-darn it! And he’s taken to Twitter to express his righteous indignation:

Obviously, Robert, you’re still sore about Citizens United (just like your buddies Peter Fonda, Ben, and Jerry). Stomp that foot! Maybe AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka will join you in your tantrum; he, too, thinks money’s “dangerous to democracy.” ::cough::

Reich found some support among fellow waaaaaahmbulance passengers:

One lefty was willing to acknowledge something Reich did not:

Many conservatives echoed this point, countering Reich’s arguments by pointing out his hypocrisy when it comes to unions’ financial contributions.

Reich isn’t really in a position to take up the mantle of Crusader for Political Justice.

Hopefully this November, Reich’s tears will be genuine:

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