File under: “Things That Will Make Your Blood Boil.”

In the latest — but, sadly, not the last — sickening display of U.S. military-bashing, wannabe-man-of-consequence Charles Davis has taken the lowest of low roads. The freedom American soldiers fight and die for is the freedom for them to rape? Really?

From Davis’ bio:

A journalist whose work has aired on NPR and Pacifica stations and been published by Al Jazeera, AlterNet, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, Inter Press Service and Salon.

That’s quite a pedigree there, Charles. No wonder you’ve settled so comfortably into a hateful, anti-American niche.

Davis also saw fit to retweet this piece of garbage:


Fortunately, Davis’ pathetic spewage didn’t go unnoticed by military supporters on Twitter, who fired back:

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Charles, you aren’t fit to lick the boots of our military. You aren’t fit to call yourself a man.