Earlier this week, we told you about tomorrow’s planned National Day of Blogger Silence, an event meant to draw attention to the plight of conservative bloggers whose voices Kimberlin seeks to silence.

Wolcott, who fancies himself a blogger in his own right, took a few moments of his very precious time to accuse participating bloggers of going silent for nothing more than shameless self-promotion. Seems ol’ Jimmy’s getting a big kick out of the fact that there are conservatives whose lives are being endangered merely for exercising their right to free speech.

Comparing conservative bloggers to Kramer? Oh, James … would that we could bottle that wit of yours, it’s so sparkling!

Please. Wolcott’s bloated self-importance has clearly muffled his conscience and impaired his sense of decency. For him to use such a somber occasion to mock those with whom he disagrees politically is truly disgraceful. Wolcott should be ashamed. And he should count his blessings that his own life isn’t being threatened by the likes of Brett Kimberlin; there are “deranged” conservative bloggers who aren’t nearly as lucky.

James Wolcott doesn’t deserve to call himself a blogger; he’s nothing more than a vicious coward.