So, what exactly has aroused the ire of the Estonian president? This:

Since Estonia has suddenly become the poster child for austerity defenders — they’re on the euro and they’re booming! — I thought it might be useful to have a picture of what we’re talking about. Here’s real GDP, from Eurostat:

So, a terrible — Depression-level — slump, followed by a significant but still incomplete recovery. Better than no recovery at all, obviously — but this is what passes for economic triumph?

The broken-window enthusiast and global economics expert (a Nobel Prize confers lifelong credibility, remember) has clearly struck a nerve with President Ilves, who let loose on Twitter:

The verbal body-checking drew plenty of admiration from the Twitterverse:

And that’s the thing: as of right now, we’re not 100 percent positive it’s actually the president of Estonia tweeting from that account. The account isn’t currently verified, after all. And, well, expressions like “chill” and “y’all” aren’t exactly common in Eastern Europe …

But then, Ilves attended college and graduate school in the U.S., so maybe he just has a soft spot for our lingo.

What we do know is that Toomas Ilves most definitely is the president of Estonia. And Paul Krugman definitely is due for a verbal slap … Please oh please oh please, President Ilves. Your follower count has jumped by nearly 1,000 since your first tweet at Krugman. Please be for real! Don’t let us down!