That’s a hell of a turnout, huh? It defies logic!

As Dana Loesch points out, Wisconsin progressives are chalking the fuzzy math up to same-day voter registration. But does same-day registration really explain the account for such a high projected turnout? According to Anita MonCrief, same-day registration actually lends itself very well to voter fraud:

Wisconsin is a same day voter registration state and though the media will try to downplay the story, and others like it, fraudulent action by groups like ACORN and Project Vote can directly affect the outcome of an election, which is deemed voter fraud.

“Same-day Voter Registration requires the voter to complete the application and provide “proof of residence” documentation. Ballots for same-day registrants are counted in that election but the actual registration is not verified until AFTER Election Day…

For example, in the 2008 election, 62,000 voters registered on Election Day ALONE in the City of Milwaukee. How many of those registrations were actually legitimate? But all of their votes were counted in the election.”

A few Twitterers decided to draw attention to the ridiculousness by doing a little mockage:

Iowahawk chimed in:

All kidding aside, voter fraud is a major problem. Let’s hope a Scott Walker victory sends a message that conservatives won’t bend to intimidation and cheating. It’s an uphill battle we’re facing, but it’s a battle we’ve got to fight.



That 119% turnout prediction? Turns out it was based on an extrapolation from 25% made by some doofus today at 11 a.m.

As nice as it’d be to think that 96% of voters are actually participating in an election, it’s unlikely. And Twitter smells something fishy.



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