Just because we’re all swirling around in the toilet that is the Obama Economy doesn’t mean we can’t glam it up for one magical night. If you’ll recall, the Obama Posse is set to host a fundraising dinner on June 14 featuring none other than Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Well, as it turns out, Vogue editor Anna Wintour will be gracing the party with her presence as well. Gosh, President Obama is just so cool, you know? So handsome and sophisticated and debonair … we could go on, of course, but it’s better to let Anna tell you herself:

Nice scarf there, Anna. Think you can spot the winner $95 to buy one for him- or herself?

This may be your only chance to surround yourself exclusively with people who think they’re better than you, so don’t miss out! Maybe Anna will even let you look her in the eye. (Try that at your own risk.)

Indeed. Though Wintour’s so icy, the monocle would probably just slide right off her eerily expressionless face.