So … a few interesting tweets recently appeared in comedian Colin Quinn’s Twitter stream:!/iamcolinquinn/status/203233057770188800!/iamcolinquinn/status/203233290012991488!/iamcolinquinn/status/203233290012991488

As one would expect, his tweets provoked a bit of an uproar. These are some of the responses he’s retweeted:!/GProductionsNYC/status/203234411825733634!/mtpollack/status/203235404114178048!/Rmiller775/status/203235784080375811!/RealTJBrown/status/203237586272124930!/Baldassano/status/203237818707869698!/MrSyAbleman/status/203238344275132416!/chelsea_doll/status/203239695327563776!/davnetdoyle/status/203241989486022657

The thing is, though, retweeting is pretty much all he’s been doing. He tweeted out a few provocative things and then sat back to watch the responses come in. Like a comedian might do when he’s trying to get attention. But Quinn would never do something like that, would he?

If we had to guess, the point Quinn is trying to make is that racists are stupid and say stupid things. Freaking out about an increase in minority births is something a racist would do. And if someone you know said the kinds of things that Quinn wrote, wouldn’t you take that person for a fool? Most likely, yes. And you’d be right.

And not everyone took issue with Quinn’s chosen method of mocking racists:!/AndyKindler/status/203235010038345729!/MontySinger/status/203244990183378944!/mrkyll/status/203241058329571328!/uprise49/status/203246501663739904!/DSpicacci/status/203246436865933312!/malf922/status/203245935101349889!/MikeTheTrooper/status/203245742058508288

Seems there are still plenty of people who are in on the joke. This is just how Quinn rolls. But will this kind of Twitter performance art cause problems for him? Judging by the fact that his follower count has held steady, this stunt isn’t likely to hurt him.

Stephen Kruiser, a comedian himself, weighed in:!/stephenkruiser/status/203242199582904320!/stephenkruiser/status/203243826964475905!/stephenkruiser/status/203245631224033280!/stephenkruiser/status/203246730563690497!/stephenkruiser/status/203247240133869568

Looks like Quinn’s gonna do what he’s gonna do; it’s up to the audience whether or not it wants to go along for the ride.

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