At an Ohio town hall event this afternoon, all hell broke loose! At least according to liberals:

After a woman told Romney she believed President Obama “should be tried for treason,” the candidate failed to condemn or even address the remark in his response. (He expressed disagreement later at the rope line, when reporters asked him about it.)

See for yourself!!/markos/status/199564126408802304!/kindcutesteve/status/199645542505119744!/mayread3/status/199648277577216000!/ShepherdCNN/status/199575169973493760!/JulianDarius/status/199647084746518528!/utaustinliberal/status/199649475063582720

Can you believe it? Can you??? A member of Romney’s audience suggested Obama is guilty of treason, and Romney didn’t condemn her on the spot? But when someone heckled Romney during a speech last week, calling him a “f*cking racist,” Obama immediately denounced the heckler and stuck up for his opponent. Oh, wait … *crickets chirping*

Yeah, see, that’s the thing: Barack Obama, to whom Mitt Romney has referred as a “nice guy,” certainly hasn’t swooped in to save Romney’s reputation. Obama’s minions, a group that includes the mainstream media, haven’t stepped up to the plate, either.

And conservatives weren’t about to let that slide. Conservative Twitter supastah Jon G. let the lefties have it. And he let ’em have it good:!/ExJon/status/199568217272889344!/ExJon/status/199568444750954497!/ExJon/status/199571787326029824!/ExJon/status/199573911124451328!/ExJon/status/199574003898265601!/ExJon/status/199574508842139651

Jon wasn’t the only one swinging the hammer; others rightly called the liberals out on their hypocrisy and double standards:!/RBPundit/status/199599709952819200!/LachlanMarkay/status/199602707105980417!/jpodhoretz/status/199594309627027456!/AnthonyBialy/status/199646840755466241

And Frank Fleming tied it all up in a neat, beautiful bow:!/IMAO_/status/199593512193376258