Apparently, comedian Mo Rocca sucks at cooking. And who better to remedy that than somebody’s grandparents?

We’re looking for:

  • Grandparents of all ethnicities (accents or English as a second language is not a problem!
  • Big personalities who love to cook great food (professionals welcome)
  • Real characters (warm, fun, outgoing, fiery, sweet or even curmudgeonly) with interesting family histories or advice to give

Here’s how to apply:Please email a recent photo and contact information (email, telephone number, address) to [email protected].

Include in the email why your grandparent would be good for the show: What is his or her specialty in the kitchen? How often does he or she cook for family and friends? Include his/her background in cooking, favorite dishes and any other anecdotes that speak to their culinary passion.

C’mon … it’ll be fun!