Remember this dipstick? Seems the intrepid infiltrator is shopping for a book deal. No, really.

Can’t say no one saw this coming: Gawker’s Fox News informant, Joe Muto, is taking meetings with publishers this week for a proposed book about his eight years inside the cable news network, tentatively titled An Atheist in the Foxhole.

A handsome advance might help to offset any impending legal headache (especially since Mr. Muto claimed to have been “blackballed” by other news outlets for having worked for Fox), and the proposal promises plenty of Daily Kos catnip not yet published on Gawker.

Unlike’s straight-faced The Fox Effect and Gabriel Sherman’s forthcoming (and reportedly deeply reported) The Loudest Voice in the Room, Mr. Muto’s book is pitched as a How to Lose Friends and Alienate People-style industry memoir in a Dave Barry/David Sedaris tone. The proposal outlines chapters devoted to the “cheapness and stinginess” of Fox News (“cannot be overstated”), Mr. O’Reilly’s morning ritual (“lots of yelling”) and—“in what’s certain to be the most talked about chapter of the book”—the 2004 sexual harassment suit filed against Mr. O’Reilly.

Should be riveting stuff.

True story.