Those troublemakin’ tea partyers, what with their rapin’ and pillagin’ and plunderin’ and … oh, wait.

It seems that the peaceful Occupy movement is all about the occupation, and nothing about the peace. If there was any lingering doubt that this movement is dangerous and destructive, let the following put that doubt to rest. What’s happening right now in Seattle and in other cities around the U.S. is appalling, and it needs to stop.

Behold what the kumbaya-niks hath wrought:

Unfortunately, this mind-blowing, stomach-turning depravity isn’t limited to Seattle. Like a plague, #MayDay “festivities” have infected cities across the country.

Portland, Oregon:



Los Angeles:


And then there’s San Francisco, Cleveland, New York

In what universe is this acceptable? And when are we going to hear from Occupy bootlicker Nancy Pelosi and gutsy call-maker Barack Obama condemning these gross perversions of what it means to live in a free society?