Oh, this is just too perfect.

Dozens of people who use Chicago’s mental health clinics along with other advocates have barricaded themselves into the Woodlawn Clinic at 6337 S. Woodlawn, one of 6 clinics facing closure. They intend to remain there until Mayor Emanuel agrees to keep all of Chicago’s public clinics open, fully funded and fully staffed.

The people barricaded in the clinic have enough food and supplies to stay for months (emphasis added) and are threatening to do so unless Mayor Emanuel meets the following five demands:

    * Keep all 12 city mental health clinics public, open, fully funded and fully staffed

    * Stop plans to privatize Chicago’s 7 neighborhood health centers

    * Hire more doctors, therapists, nurses, social workers and other clinic staff

    * Reinstate the drug assistance program

    * Expand the public mental health safety net to cover unmet community needs

Finally, Occupiers are occupying a place that actually makes sense.

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