Hmmmkay. So. Not only are Ben, Jerry et al. celebrating monster-sized sundaes (what would Michelle Obama say if she knew?!), but they’re also using ice cream to go after Citizens United. It’s all about, like, keeping the dough out of politics! Get it?

Except, well, Ben and Jerry failed to live up to their own standards. See, just since 2007, the ice cream mavens have graciously allowed plenty of their dough into politics.

Let’s take a look at Jerry’s political contributions first, shall we?

And now, let’s look at Ben’s:

According to our calculations, that makes a combined $51,550 to Democratic politicians, PACs, and the Democratic Party. That’s a whole lotta dough-nations! Eh? Eh? See what we did there?

Ben and Jerry had better grab a coupla of big ol’ spoons; they’ve got a whoooole lotta words to eat.