Did you check out our earlier post about Barack Obama shifting the blame for the Solyndra debacle? If you missed it, read it now before you go any further. We’ll give you some time.




All set? Good. Because you don’t want to miss this. Iowahawk, the commander-in-chief of our hearts and America’s greatest hope, has spawned yet another hashtag game that makes us want to do a happy dance. This time, he’s added “not” and “per se” (Barack Obama’s favorite qualifier) to movie titles. The result? #addnotandpersetoamovietitle. And like everything David Burge has ever been involved with during the course of his entire life, it is a thing of beauty – and a cause for much rejoicing. Ooo! And at the time this post was published, the game was also trending on Twitter in the U.S. Way to go, Dave!






The whole joke seems to have gone over the heads of a few people on Twitter …

But we say whatevs. Their loss. More fun for us!