Barack Obama descended on the little people of Chicago today for a couple of fundraising events. He engaged in one of his favorite pastimes – singing his praises. He said many things in the vein of that hospital tweet, and, well, plenty of people on Twitter were less than impressed.!/TheDawgLives/status/180721400837980160!/Section12/status/180721332932190209!/Hbe8411/status/180719088069382144!/SamValley/status/180719016715886594!/taylorkjar/status/180718315197566976!/KPechatsko/status/180717219423068161!/leahblizz/status/180717073834586114!/MrStephenPike/status/180715983965667328!/anthropocon/status/180714969808117760!/MelissaTweets/status/180714212904013825

Granted, his tweet actually quoted a nurse. But anyone who’s spent five minutes listening to Barack Obama knows he may as well have said it himself.