You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the controversy surrounding the proposed Texas voter ID law. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania House has moved forward and passed a voter ID bill that, if signed into law, would take effect in time for the November elections.

Democrats criticize it as a veiled effort to defeat President Barack Obama by suppressing some traditionally Democratic voters, such as minorities and college students, while making it more difficult for the elderly and disabled.

Republicans say it’s designed to combat voter fraud and protect the sanctity of elections through the use of widely available IDs. Counties warn the mandate will unnecessarily lengthen Election Day lines. Republicans say election officials should have time to give the concept a test run during the April 24 primary elections — asking people for ID, but not requiring it — and it would become effective for the Nov. 6 general election.

The measure allows many government employee photo IDs to be used as acceptable forms of identification to vote, along with student IDs from colleges and universities in Pennsylvania and IDs for people who live in elder-care institutions in the state, as long as they show a name, photo and expiration date that makes them current.

via NBC Philadelphia