The press conference was scheduled to begin at 11:10 EST. He’s late again. When he does deign to grace us with his presence, the conference will be streaming here.

Update: There he is!

Another update: Annnnnnd it’s over. President Obama spent a grand total of two minutes at the podium – after showing up 20 minutes late, mind you. Blink and you missed it.


The president started off by commenting on the recent killings in Afghanistan:

He went on to discuss trade with China:

And that was basically it. Of course, he took a moment to pass the buck. What presser would be complete without that?

For a guy who loves the sound of his own voice, Barack Obama didn’t say a whole lot. The public likely didn’t learn much from this little speech.

Jake Tapper was on to something here:

Next time, the dog should hijack the podium. We’d probably get more information.