Breaking news: Rashida Tlaib is a rabid antisemite who traffics in antisemitic propaganda and lies.

OK, so that’s not breaking news. She’s always been like this.

And she was like this over the weekend, too:

The original tweet she was retweeting has since been deleted, but Tlaib’s retweet remains and has apparently had over 1.2 million views. That’s a lot of people who saw her disgusting lie and a lot of people who likely took it at face value.

A lot of people who believe Tlaib when she says that “the violent apartheid government of Israel” is targeting Palestinian teens:

Shall we explore the context that Tlaib didn’t even bother with?

More from the Jerusalem Post:

Police worked to break up a brawl between teenagers that broke out at the Damascus Gate on Thursday night as hundreds of revelers filled the area to celebrate the second night of Ramadan.

Israel Police announced that a brawl broke out between groups of young Palestinians at the scene. The police entered the area and separated the groups in an attempt to restore the peace. One suspect was arrested.

Palestinian media claimed that Israeli security forces attacked young men at the Damascus Gate and damaged the stalls of vendors, without mentioning the brawl.

Video published by Palestinian media from the scene showed a small group of individuals fighting and crowds of teenagers fleeing as police entered the area. The video of teenagers running did not include audio.

That’s convenient, as audio might have significantly undermined the Palestinian media’s narrative, which, incidentally, is also Rashida Tlaib’s narrative.

She should be ashamed … but she is physically and mentally incapable of feeling shame. And that’s why she will continue to take every opportunity to spread anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda.

What can she say? Rashida Tlaib never met a blood libel she didn’t like.



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