Despite the major problems I have with kids undergoing “gender-affirmation” care and procedures, when it comes to adults choosing to live as the sex that’s opposite to the one they were born with, I don’t inherently take issue with it. In theory, they’re old enough and mature enough to make a life-altering decision like that.

But when they use their trans identity as a weapon against or means of screwing over people who aren’t trans, well, that I have a problem with.

That’s why I have a problem with Lia Thomas competing against biological women, and I have a problem with Minnesota State Rep. Leigh Finke:

More from the New York Post:

State Rep. Leigh Finke was honored alongside the likes of former First Lady Michelle Obama, actress Goldie Hawn and NASA astronaut Col. Nicole Mann as a select group of “local and national heroines who make a positive impact in their communities every day.”

Finke — who transitioned in 2017 — is the second transgender woman to make the list, following last year’s selection of President Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine.

She admitted Wednesday that “the hate has increased exponentially” after her controversial selection, with critics calling her spot on the list “an arrogant attack on women.”

How is it hateful to point out that Finke accepted the spot in place of a biological woman? Surely there’s a biological woman out there more deserving of a “Woman of the Year” honor than Finke, an LGBTQ+ activist who has only been in office since this past January. Granted, this is USA Today we’re talking about, so it’s not like it means all that much, but still. It’s the principle of the thing. No one’s entitled to be “Woman of the Year,” but at the bare minimum, the honoree should be a woman.

Now, it’s not like Finke chose herself to be a “Woman of the Year,” but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have the decency or common sense to decline the honor. As a brand-new state representative who’s only been living as a woman for the past few years, she should know better. Just like Rachel Levine should’ve known better.

It’s a lot easier to be sympathetic to trans people’s issues when they’re willing to recognize that there’s literally nothing they can do to change their biology. But when trans men feel compelled to live their lives at the expense of biological women, you’re looking at a form of misogyny. A lot of talk about The Patriarchy is silly, but in this particular case, the patriarchy is actually hurting women.


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