There’s nothing remotely funny about the oppressive, murderous, and genocidal communist Chinese regime.

That said, it’s tough not to at least crack and smile when the ChiComs pretend that they have any business staking out claim on the human rights high road. And that’s exactly what’s happening today.

An official Twitter account for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs actually had the nerve to put this out into the universe:

Ironically, that very tweet styles the Chinese government as a lecturer and pays lip service to respecting and protecting human rights. That irony shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Including the ChiComs.

“LOL” is certainly one thing we can say about it. The absolute chutzpah of the Chinese regime wagging its finger at the United States over human rights is just … it’s just too much.

The whole world knows it, too, even if some of the world is too chicken to acknowledge it and call China out on it.

So generous. Truly.



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