CBS News frequently gets a bad rap around here, and deservedly so. But as soon as senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge shows up, we have to put our animosity aside and listen, because we can count on her to have something important and valuable to say. And her new reporting on U.S. government funding of research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology certainly fits that bill.

Herridge recently spoke with former federal investigator Diane Cutler, who found evidence of “double billing, potential theft of [U.S.] government funds” in the course of research conducted on coronaviruses in Wuhan.


Did you catch that last part?

“Sources told CBS News that tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars could be involved, and the findings could provide new insight into the Wuhan research. A spokesperson for USAID declined to comment, and the NIH press office did not respond to CBS News’ questions.”

This all seems highly problematic, wouldn’t you all say? Our money may have gone toward research on a virus that wound up killing millions around the world — including 1.1 million Americans — and neither USAID nor NIH think we need to know more.

That’s sure what it sounds like.

Now, to be perfectly fair, none of this should actually come as a surprise to anyone, though it is somewhat encouraging that it’s now a big enough story for an MSM outlet to report on.


These days, unfortunately, we have to take what we can get whenever we can get it.

And now, in light of this real journalism, it’s long past time we turn our attention to one particular person:

What’s up, Doc?


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