So. Colin Kaepernick. That guy.

Man, we’d like to think that somewhere in there, there’s a dude who’s not completely insufferable. But every time he opens his mouth, the possibility becomes more and more remote. At this point, we’re not even sure how his own parents are able to put up with him.

Especially after something like this:

Pardon our French, but Colin Kaepernick seems like a real prick.

“I know my parents loved me. But they weren’t crazy about the idea of me getting cornrows, which makes them problematic and inherently racist.” This is what he says about the two people who selflessly took him in and gave him a loving home and a good life. Maybe Colin would’ve been happier had they never come into his life and given him the chance to grow up and become a perfectly mediocre athlete.

It’s not enough that he has to bash the parents who love him in an interview on national television; he also has to immortalize his disdain for them in the pages of a graphic novel (a graphic novel that next to nobody will ever read, but still). If Colin Kaepernick’s parents made one mistake with him, it was making him think that he was special.



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