Fox News is far from perfect. And some recent rather embarrassing revelations about certain hosts’ private thoughts on Trump claiming the election was stolen versus the thoughts they shared with their viewers make that pretty clear.

But the idea that Fox needs to be browbeaten into oblivion via advertiser boycotts and threats of being dropped by cable companies over it seems a little over-the-top. It’s also an idea that Media Matters’ president and CEO Angelo Carusone wholeheartedly supports:

Here’s how Carusone’s thread ends:

“Veneer that it’s a news network.” As if Fox News is an outlier in that capacity. CNN and MSNBC are at least as guilty of that, and arguably even moreso. Not that Angelo would ever call them out on it.

Anyway, this self-described “Left leaning American interested in social Justice and all things left” was a big fan of Angelo’s thread, because it scratched that leftist authoritarian itch just perfectly:

Sounds like Carusone is all in on branding cable companies carrying Fox News as Nazis and using his operation to end any media that don’t have a pure leftist agenda (apparently the irony of calling someone else a Nazi when you’re the one who wants to shut down any and all dissent is lost on him):

We hear you just fine, Angelo.

Bless his heart.

Mine too.

The only media that matters to Media Matters is liberal media.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Fox News also matters to Media Matters. It matters a lot. Actually, the more we think about it, the more we think that Fox News actually matters the most to Media Matters. Because without Fox News to whine about, what the hell would anyone at Media Matters do with their day?

Narrator: No one at Media Matters would be just fine. Literally no one. Fox News going away would trigger an existential crisis at MMFA. They’d spontaneously combust out of boredom and despair.

Their lives are already basically meaningless; this would make it official.



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