“Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston is a hot Twitter trending topic this morning, along with … Make America Great Again?

OK, what’s the deal with that? What happened?

Well, apparently Mr. Cranston recently spoke with CNN’s Chris Wallace and “Make America Great Again” came up in the context of America’s slavery era and racism and white privilege and living “in the woke world.” Watch:


“How did we get to a point where we treated other human beings as slaves, and were OK with that? When I see, when I see the, the ‘Make America Great Again,’ my comment is, do you, do you, do you accept that that could possibly be construed as a racist remark? And most people — a lot of people — go, ‘How could that be racist? Make America Great Again?’ I said, ‘So, just ask yourself from a, from an African American experience, when was it ever great in America for the African American? When was it great? So, if you’re making it great, it’s not including them.’ So it’s, it’s to teach us, in the woke world, to open up and accept the possibilities that our privilege has created blind spots for us. And maybe I haven’t seen what is really happening yet, in all my years.”

Now, to be perfectly clear, Bryan Cranston is an actor, but he is also an American, which means he, as an actor, is just as entitled to his opinions as any other American. Of course, what he is not entitled to is the right to have his opinion go unquestioned by people with eyes and ears. So let’s question his opinion, shall we?

Slavery was and will forever be a stain on the history of this country, but slavery was not the only history of this country. Moreover, many Americans during the slavery era categorically opposed slavery and were willing to risk their lives to defeat it.

As for the “Make America Great Again” business, well, maybe most people — a lot of people — go “How could that be racist?” because it’s not actually a racist slogan. Donald Trump is no small-government conservative, but he was astute enough to see that many Americans were fed up with the direction the country had taken during the Obama administration under Democratic control and a weak-willed GOP — and found a message that could appeal to their desire to return to a time of prosperity and pride in being American.

Also, no offense to Cranston, but why is he in a position as a white man to put thoughts into African Americans’ minds and words into their mouths? Is that not presumptuous, and the height of privilege? Evidently he didn’t bother to speak with many African Americans before deciding that America has never been great for them. At least he managed to get one thing right: people like him “in the woke world” definitely have blind spots.

Best check that Walter White privilege, Bryan, before it gets you into serious trouble in Woke World.


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