If you’ll recall, while you — like most of the people in this country — were busy not watching the Grammys this past Sunday night, nonbinary singer and wannabe provocateur Sam Smith gave a performance in which he donned a hat with devil horns and cavorted with a harem of dancing demons. Hearing about this and watching the video of the performance, you might be tempted to get really angry and offended, but it’s important to keep in mind that there’s ultimately nothing worth losing any sleep over, because this sort of thing has become so commonplace that it’s just plain boring and lazy now.

Anyway, while you’re yawning and rolling your eyes over yet another wholly unoriginal attempt to get under your skin, MSNBC’s Joy Reid is out there insisting that Smith’s presence was just one of many winning battles in the Left’s culture wars against the American Right:

Song lyrics in Spanish! Same-sex marriages! Black artists winning awards! Overweight backup dancers! A racially diverse audience!

Congratulations to Joy Reid and the Left on winning the culture wars against … Americans who overwhelmingly have no problem with diversity when it’s not being used as a political weapon (although no self-respecting person of any political persuasion should be comfortable with whatever the hell Sam Smith and Harry Styles are wearing, because WTF).

Joy’s little monologue is actually straight-up hilarious. She wants so badly for the Grammys to be some surgical strike against the Right when most Americans simply could not care less.

If Joy Reid weren’t so insufferably awful and offensively stupid, we might actually feel a little sorry for her. After all, it can’t be easy going through life with no one who loves you enough to tell you that you’re making a complete ass of yourself on a daily basis.

If Reid et al. have to keep shouting that they’re winning, maybe they’re not actually doing as well as they claim.


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