Earlier this week, Democratic Rep. Cori Bush felt compelled to send out this sickeningly racist tweet about GOP Rep. Byron Donalds, who, in her mind, deserves to be shamed into oblivion for having the temerity to be a black Republican:

MSNBC host Joy Reid is not a Democratic congresswoman herself, but she is a big fan of Cori Bush as well as a sickening racist in her own right. And it should come as absolutely no surprise that Joy’s got a whole bunch of sickeningly racist thoughts about black Republicans, thoughts she shared on her show last night.


Holy racism, Batman.

Well, if brazenly homophobic and antisemitic blog posts weren’t enough to get her canned, racism directed at black people sure as hell isn’t gonna be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Does GOP Rep. Dan Bishop need to pay Joy a visit while he’s on his lunch break and give her a verbal beatdown for being a flaming racist, like he did yesterday in the House with his speech in response to Cori Bush’s disgusting remarks? It’s not like the House is gonna pick a Speaker this week, anyway. Bishop could probably sneak away for a little bit. Lord knows Joy needs a good schooling.



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